On Site Appraisals


On Site Appraisals

The On-Site Appraisal (OSA) program is the most traditional type of appraisal that has been used for many years and is the most thorough and complete body of work offered by PIA.  

With the OSA, we will send an experienced, PIA team member to your location, complete a physical inspection of your asset(s), take photographs, and provide you will an official appraisal report that cannot be duplicated or sent to anyone other than the client without the written consent of the client.

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On Line Appraisals


On Line Appraisals

The On-Line Appraisal (OLA) program was created with you in mind. We recognize that in today’s technological age, the internet provides a fast, efficient, and secure highway for information to flow.

OLA enables our clients to receive an appraisal for one asset or an entire plant of assets. This process can be accomplished without going to the expense of having one of our field managers visit the location where the asset(s) are located, therefore saving our client valuable time and money.

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Pre-Purchase Assessments


Pre-Purchase Assessments

Each one of the following cases outline reasons you might need a Pre-Purchase Assessment (PPA).

CASE #…If You Are Wanting To Make A Purchase At An Auction
CASE #2…If You Are An Asset Base Lender
CASE #3…If Your Company Is Going To Buy Another Company

PIA can provide to you an accurate value before making a decision to purchase… a value that can be trusted, and one that can be updated as the need arises.

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24 Hour


The 4 Hour Guarantee

There are many times when our clients have needed to know the value of an asset(s) immediately.

PIA created a product that guarantees our clients an appraisal of asset(s) within 4 hours and most of time the results are sent back within 2 hours.

The 4 Hour Appraisal products are priced based upon the number of assets being appraised.

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